The Orange Symphony Orchestra had its foundations in 1984, but ceased operations in 2012. In its rebirth, several original members have once again indicated that they wish to be a part of the orchestra. The OSO is currently building its numbers, filling the ranks with professionals, advanced school-aged students and community enthusiasts. There are two main aspects of the orchestra's community involvement, that of weekly rehearsals with various conductors, and concerts held throughout the year.


Weekly Rehearsals

The weekly rehearsals are intended for any member of the OSO to enjoy. Repertoire will be chosen based on interest, skill level, availability, upcoming concerts and time and there will opportunity for members to suggest repertoire they would be particularly interested in. 

Weekly rehearsals will run on Saturdays from 3:30-6:30pm at the Orange Regional Conservatorium, unless otherwise noted.


For the orchestral members, any concert by the OSO will be by invitation. Members will be invited to play based on need, skill and budget. Professional members will be paid for their time and extra rehearsals may be scheduled to stage the concert. The main conductor of the program will choose who to invite to play with advice from the committee and/or senior members of the orchestra.

The first official OSO performance is the Mozart Requiem, on Sunday 19th November 2017 under the baton of Ben Macpherson OAM.


Extra concerts

Outside of the main OSO concerts during the year, there may be opportunities to perform at other OSO-affiliated events. Such concerts are likely to be on a much smaller scale, such as chamber music concerts or solo events. Involvement in these projects can be made by application or invitation. If a member has a fantastic idea for a concert and they wish to make it happen, don't hesitate to ask!